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David Silverstein, Blue Bell, PA
David Silverstein, Blue Bell, PA“There is no greater feeling than begin-
ning your golf round swinging the club like you"ve already played 9 holes, I
credit the physical (and mental) edge I have to 5 Minutes to Tee-Time.”
Tim Dabner, Sausalito, CA
Tim Dabner, Sausalito, CA"I love the feeling of being prepared to swing the club from the first tee-box, my confidence level has increased
dramatically because I know I am ready to swing the club."
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A professional, high quality,5 Minutes to
Tee-Time Manual
with a FREE bag
tag that depicts the entire routine in
sequential thumbnail pictures.
5 Minutes to


5 Minutes to Tee-Time
5 Minutes to Tee-Time was developed to provide any golfer with a safe, effective and most importantly, a timely approach to a golf warm-up. By implemeting this simple series of flexibility and conditioning exercises along with a functional swing segment, you can experience impressive results!

The manual demonstrates step-by-step how to prepare "your" swing to be more consistent from the start of the golf round. Ultimately, if your swing is fluid from the start, you can save critical strokes, lowering your overall score.

Four equally important components are highlighted in the manual; upper body movements, mid-torso movements, lower body movements, and a functional swing segment. The program was designed to be performed in a specific sequence, therefore it is important to perform the movements in the order demonstrated.

Pictures below provide a sampling of the movements. The manual provides color pictures demonstrating the proper form, it also gives written step-by-step instructions so you complete each movement safely to maximize results!
Simple Movements  
Simple Movements Simple Movements Simple Movements
Simple Movements Simple Movements Simple Movements
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